3.4.20 Writing Task

200 word challenge.

One small step…

Questions to get you thinking:

  • Who is this astronaut?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How did they get here?
  • What is the mirror?

Today, we would like you to ensure that your sentences are properly punctuated and that your writing makes sense.

You have lots of writing skills you could apply. How about using some exciting verbs? Show not tell? Expanded noun phrases?

3.4.20 Maths Task

Today I would like you to try doing some subtraction with exchange. I’ve attached a video to remind you of the steps.
Check your answers using the inverse operation (addition).
34,562 – 31,908
25,678 – 14,983
54,760 – 43,261
87,134 – 54,026
90,183 – 72,049
77,777 – 65,782